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  1. Hercules DS571BB Stalak za violinu i violu

    4.300,00 RSD

    Dostupno na lageru

    The Hercules Travlite Violin/Viola Stand's Auto Grab System holds your instrument securely in place. Carbon fiber construction provides exceptional strength and lightness. Bow rest and bow hook are included. SFF-coated rubber protects your instrument's finish.

    2.380,00 RSD

    Dostupno na lageru

    Compact Violin Stand


     Protective foam padded supports 

  3. Hercules DS590B stalak za kontrabas

    9.000,00 RSD

    Dostupno na lageru

    Hercules DS590B stalak za kontrabas.

    The HERCULES Double Bass Stand DS590B features sturdy steel construction and two locking pins that hold the instrument safely. 

  4. Hercules DS580B stalak za čelo

    7.200,00 RSD

    Dostupno na lageru

    Hercules DS580B stalak za čelo.

    The HERCULES Cello Stand DS580B features the Auto Grip System (AGS) yoke that safely holds the peg box and is equipped with Specially Formulated Foam (SFF) rubber covered legs to protect the instrument at all contact points. 

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