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  1. SM Pro Audio MC01 Kondenzatorski mikrofon

    Regularna cena 17.900,00 RSD

    Special Price 14.600,00 RSD

    Dostupno na lageru

    The MC01 is a 1" large diaphragm condenser microphone perfect for a wide range of applications in the studio environment. Designed for use in studios, concert halls, and broadcast applications the MC01 is well-known for its wide frequency response, smooth response curve, large dynamic range, and low distortion.
  2. SM Pro Audio MC04 Kondenzatorski mikrofon

    34.900,00 RSD

    Dostupno na lageru

    This superior ribbon microphone is designed for use in contemporary, state of the art studios, yet offers the unique natural sound previously only available on exclusive classic large ribbon mics of the past.
  3. SM Pro Audio KIK ME2 Mikrofon za bas bubanj

    19.900,00 RSD

    Dostupno na lageru

    SM Pro Audio KIK ME2 mikrofon za ozvucavanje bas bubnja, Microphone Type Drum
  4. LD Systems D1010 Dinamički mikrofon

    12.470,00 RSD

    Dostupno na lageru

    Dinamicki vokalni mikrofon "Memphis Style".
  5. Soundsation HM500 Kondenzatorski mikrofon

    4.305,00 RSD

    Dostupno na lageru

    SOUNDSATION HM500 is an installation professional condenser microphone optimal for use in applications where it is necessary to capture sound sources differently from conventional front position of the microphone.
  6. Samson C02 Kondenzatorski mikrofon

    8.300,00 RSD

    Dostupno na lageru

    Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
  7. Samson C01U PRO USB Kondenzatorski mikrofon

    12.500,00 RSD

    Trenutno nema na lageru

    Samson C01U PRO - USB Studio Condenser Microphone

    Trenutno nema na lageru

  8. Samson C01 Kondenzatorski mikrofon

    9.900,00 RSD

    Trenutno nema na lageru

    Samson C01 - Condenser Microphone

    Trenutno nema na lageru

  9. Samson C03 Kondenzatorski mikrofon

    11.900,00 RSD

    Trenutno nema na lageru

    Samson C03 - Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone

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