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Vox VBM-1 Brian May

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  • Vox VBM-1 Brian May

Vox VBM-1 Brian May

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Vox VBM1 kombo gitarsko pojačalo! Brian May signature model je jedino pojačalo sa plemićkim poreklom.


Brian May's guitar work with Queen resulted in some of the most outstanding rock anthems of all time. His amazing guitar sound is instantly recognizable, and while many have tried to emulate it, reproducing his distinctive recorded trademark tone has been largely impossible, until now that is. Brian and VOX Amplification have enjoyed a long association, and the guitarist's wall of AC30s is a spectacle that's thrilled concert-goers for years. Along with his "Red Special" guitar, VOX has become a part of his stage presence. But, in the studio, another device has contributed mightily to Brian's enviable guitar tone. It's called the "Deacy" in honour of its creator, John Deacon, Queen's bassist, and it's an unlikely combination of a piecemeal amp, built of parts salvaged from a refuse heap in the early 1970's, and Brian's handcrafted "Treble Booster" pedal. Along with his guitar, this entirely original, homemade system, has created a stunning and unmistakable sound.This Deacy amp is one of his most prized possessions, and, due to its age, an irreplaceable treasure. The electrical components have all fallen out of production, and the batteries are no longer readily available. Now VOX has introduced a new amplifier allowing guitarists everywhere to achieve the sought-after sounds of Brain May's homespun recording system. The Brian May Special, created in close collaboration with Brian himself, captures every inherent sonic characteristic of his original setup, with the addition of a few modern conveniences. The Brian May Special from VOX is a 10 Watt, 1 x 6.5" combo amp that sounds identical to his homemade "Deacy System". While keeping the genuine feel and sonic integrity of the amp system intact, VOX added several enhancements that improve operation and versatility. The new Brian May Special features controls for Gain, Tone, and Volume, as well as a High/Low Gain switch (the original sported no controls whatsoever!). A Booster output allows the Booster section of the Brian May Special to drive another amp, in the same manner May employs live when he uses his Treble Booster to overdrive his AC30s. The Brian May Special also has an Emulated Recording/Headphone jack and an External Speaker jack. As a final flourish, and further evidence of the incredible attention to detail in this amp, VOX has incorporated two "battery simulation circuits," one each for the Booster and amp sections, to precisely duplicate the novel quality lent to the original Deacy system by its battery power sources. The result is a unique-sounding, compact combo that can be used for practicing, recording or driving another amp. The Brian May Special from VOX - the only amp with royal ancestry.Specifikacija Output Power: 10 Watts (RMS) Speaker: 1 x 6.5" custom-voiced, full-range speaker Inputs: Input jack Outputs: Booster Output, External Speaker, and Headphone/Recording Line Out. Controls: Gain, Tone and Volume. Gain (High/Low) push switch, Power switch (with LED) Dimensions: 330 (W) x 273 (H) x 170 mm (D)/13" (W) x 10.75" (H) x 6.7" (D) Weight: 5.6kg /12 lbs
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Vox VBM-1 Brian May


15.006,00 RSD