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  1. Hohner Marine Band E Usna harmonika

    4.650,00 RSD

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    From the birth of the blues, the Marine Band 1896 has been a constant musical fixture. Played by iconic figures such as Little Walter, Paul Butterfield, and Bob Dylan, it remains the top choice for the top professional, as well as aspiring musiciansaround the globe. Relying upon over a century of German craftsmanship and tradition, this harmonica has been universally recognized for its full tone, musical range, and distinctive wood comb. Let your musical expression be a part of the continuing Marine Band legacy.
  2. Hohner Blues Harp C Usna harmonika

    4.400,00 RSD

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    Hohner Blues Harp usna harmonika je funkcionalnog dizajna koji kombinuje drveni češalj visoke maske bez bočnih otvora i kvalitetne ploče koje instrumentu daju tipičan bluz zvuk. Idealana za početnike kao i za iskusne svirače. The brand name ”Blues Harp® “ has attained cult status in the contemporary music scene. The model which bears the name features a functional design combining a wooden comb, high covers without side vents and high quality reed plates to give the instrument its typical bluesy sound, which has made it immensely popular with beginning and intermediate players alike.
  3. Hohner Silver Star C Usna harmonika

    1.990,00 RSD

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    The popular Hohner Silver Star entry level 10 hole diatonic harmonica from Hohner.The Silver Star in the key of 'C' is the most popular key for beginners, is a step above many other entry level harmonicas. the brass tuned reeds are built around an airtight ABS comb.
  4. Hohner Golden Melody C Usna harmonika

    4.700,00 RSD

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    Sporting a retro 50s look and feel, the Golden Melody is especially designed for sweet melody playing, but still brings down the house on those boogie, blues and rock gigs. One of our best selling professional models, it is a favorite of Howard Levy and Carlos Del Junco.
  5. Hohner Big River C Usna harmonika

    3.700,00 RSD

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    Push it to the limit like Paul DeLay used to. This consistently reliable workhorse combines the highest German quality standards at a more affordable price. A plastic combed, MS version of theMarine Band style harp, it is a great everyday companion you can also take to the stage, where itholds its own in blues, rock and country playing. Available in all 12 keys plus a high G. Replacement reed plates are available separately.Features•Black plastic comb with recessed reed plates •Concave covers with side vents •20 MS reeds •0.9 mm brass reed plates •Available in all 12 major keys •Made in Germany
  6. Usna harmonika BluesMeister HBM20-C (C key)

    990,00 RSD

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    Blues Meister is built for the Blues with the original design. It represent the most popoular harmonica style ever. The comb in ABS is long lasting and offers a comfortable playing. The stainless steel cover makes Blues Meister an instrument for a lifetime. Great for students or advanced players looking for tone and reliability.

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