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  1. Vox V212C gitarski kabinet

    59.900,00 RSD

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    Vox V212C gitarski kabinet 2x12 2 Celestion G12M Greenback.
  2. MARSHALL 1960B-E CAB gitarski kabinet

    85.080,00 RSD

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    Dva najprodavanija kabineta dimenzija 4k12 ”na svetu, poznata po svom odličnom zvuku. Ovi kabineti su dizajnirani da pruže veliki zvuk za nastupe uživo. Oba kabineta imaju autentičan dizajn iz 60-ih i obiluju snagom od 300W.
  3. MARSHALL 1960AX-E CAB gitarski kabinet

    89.880,00 RSD

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    Celestion's Vintage 25 "Greenback" speakers play out their sound quality to the full, even at their load limit. These "Leisetreter" sound pressure technology speakers are the first choice for sound gourmets who appreciate a percussive speaker character rich in overtones
  4. Marshall 1960TV CAB gitarski kabinet

    92.280,00 RSD

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    This classic cab has an angled front; 4 - 12" Greenback speakers; and a warmer, thicker sound than the 1960A. The midrange is well-defined and a more rounded high end sparkles without being overly bright. The 25W Greenbacks are less in your face than the 75W Celestions in the 1960A.
  5. Supro BLACK MAGICK CAB 1X12 gitarski kabinet

    59.990,00 RSD

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    Supro BLACK MAGICK CAB 1X12 gitarski kabinet.

    The 1x12 Black Magick Extension cabinet was designed to match the Black Magick or Black Magick Reverb amplifier, in either head or combo format. The Black Magick Extension is a partially open-back, vintage-style 1x12 loaded with our custom BD12 high-power driver, offering the same mid-range punch as its combo counterpart, but offering additional stage volume.

  6. Supro Black Magick CAB 2X12 gitarski kabinet

    82.990,00 RSD

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    Supro Black Magick CAB 2X12 gitarski kabinet.

    The Black Magick 2x12 Extension cabinet is rated for up to 150 Watts and features switchable 4-Ohm / 16-Ohm impedance settings as well as parallel input jacks for daisy chaining multiple cabinets. One, two or even four Black Magick 2x12 cabs can be connected to a single Supro head for maximum impact on stage.

  7. Supro ROYALE CABINET 1x12

    79.990,00 RSD

    Na stanju

    The Supro 1732 Royale 1 x 12-inch Extension Cab is the perfect way to kick up your amplifier head’s volume and headroom! Similar to the cabinet setup on Supro’s Royale combo amps, this cabinet’s increased projection and powerful volume are ideal for guitarists playing medium- to large-sized stages.
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  • Hora
  • Korg
  • Supro
  • DR Strings
  •  D'Angelico

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